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Heat Treating

Adding a heat treat operation to our list of services has allowed us hold down costs, speed up delivery and offer more value to our customers.
Any tool steels that can be air or oil quenched can be hardened and tempered in either of our two furnaces in about a one-day cycle.  Final hardness can be checked in our hardness tester.

77°K DEEP CRYOGENICS is the process of applying extremely cold treatments to a variety of cutting tools in order to extend their useful life. 
A cycle takes about 40 hours including a four- to six-hour decent time to lower the temperature to -320°F (77°K), twenty-four hours or more to soak at this temperature and then four to six hours to return to room temperature. This process enhances tool life, clarity of musical instruments, knife blades, induction welding electrodes, and much more.

Tired of working in the dark? Introducing New Electrical Services, which include:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Network & Security System Installation
  • Bucket Truck Services
  • Hazardous Location Work
  • Control Cabinet Fabrication.