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The DCC GAGE can be used as a stand-alone, walk-up station for first piece inspection, layout inspection and tool set up, or as a flexible gage. Its measurement envelope can handle workpiece sizes up to 18" X 20" X 16" (457 mm X 508 mm X 406 mm). In many applications, DCC GAGE can improve inspection efficiency up to 45 percent, significantly reducing machine tool idle time.

The DCC GAGE comes equipped with PC-DMIS PROsoftware. This software features a  shop-floor graphics interface that guides operators through part programming, setup and execution of the inspection routine.

For additional functionality and flexibility, we have upgraded the DCC GAGE with the addition of PC-DMIS CAD++ software. PC-DMIS CAD ++ software incorporates a scanning function for the accurate measurement of complex shapes such as turbine blades, dies, models, sheet metal components and other curved shapes quickly and efficiently.